About Us

HatJockey was established in 2016 by Joyce and Eddy Rowton. The company began with a dream and lots of determination. Eddy kept losing his expensive sunglasses and bifocals. He would set them on the front or back of his baseball cap. Of course they would fall off, sometimes in the canal behind their house, and sometimes they would blow off while boating. So Joyce thought there has to be a better way to secure your glasses when not in use. So in December 2015, they came up with an idea. Why not have a strap and some button hole size eyelets on each side to help support and secure your eyewear. Joyce made a big decision to move forward with a patent.
This is how HatJockey began. First they contacted Eldridge Law Firm in Dallas, Texas to research the concept to determine if there was anything similar on the market, and whether they could proceed with a patent. Once that was verified, they moved forward with a company name and logo. Next, was finding a manufacturer, and expert in the hat/cap industry. We found Jake Starr with You Name It Specialties in San Antonio, Texas and a major hat manufacturer to partner with. And so began the tedious task of building the first hat jockey cap.
We also decided giving back to our veterans and first responders to be a major focus for the HatJockey brand. We support our police officers, and other first responders through the 100 Club. The 100 Club financially rescues the dependents of firefighters and law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty by paying their debts and providing an education for their children. They also help provide life-protecting equipment such as bulletproof vests, radio equipment and armored personnel carriers for area law enforcement agencies and fund scholarships for officers to further their education in Criminal Justice.